Stuttgart Animation Festival

We attended the Stuttgart Animation Festival on the 28th-30th of April.

322006_09-03 Postkarte_standard_fD.indd

One of my favorite animations was Extraordinary Tales. It was directed by Raul Garcia whom has worked at Disney for over a decade, in films such as the Lion King and Aladdin. The film is an anthology of five animated tales based on Edgar Allan Poe, each one in a very distinctive style. I contacted him through LinkedIn but haven’t heard anything back yet.


Mark Shaphiro, from LAIKA studios, talked about all the films they’ve worked on and their next film. He handed out an armateur and a few 3D printed faces, one of them from the Boxtolls film. I’ve always liked the films form that studio, and the presentation was really good.


There was another presentation from Psyop, a VFX studio that talked more about the 3D process and problems they have with clients.



I attended in full one of the screenings of International Animations and my favourite was Afternoon Class from Seoro Oh, it described perfectly the feeling of trying to stay awake.

I was eager to watch The Loneliest Stoplight, from Bill Plympton but it wasn’t as good as his previous animations. The final joke was after the credits and I felt it would have had a better impact before.

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