Animation Women UK – Networking Meetup

Animated Women UK is a volunteer organization with 5 key aims: mentoring, networking, showcasing, recruitment and education ( I had subscribed to their newsletter and I read about a networking meet up in London. I attended the meet up on 4th November 2015. I was glad I reserved a place early because it was full and I heard there was even a waiting list.

Because it’s formed by volunteers and the board members are busy professionals, the organization moves slowly but they keep organizing events. They have recently created the Facebook page, which will help promote their plans.

I had the change to talk with Lindsay Watson for advice about my dissertation subject.

lindsaywatson.jpgLindsay Watson founded Animated Women UK in 2013. She’s originally from Toronto, with a background in theatre, design and integrated media; she moved to London in 2007. In 2012 Lindsay worked as Animation Consultant for Bournemouth University & Arts University Bournemouth on their project The International VFX Hub. She launched a new animation and VFX festival called BFX at BAFTA and oversaw a small studio along with other educational projects.

Lindsay founded CANUK Productions in 2013, a private consultancy firm dealing specifically with Canadian/ British co-production of animated children’s TV series.


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